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The best way we can guide you is by chatting with you in detail about your current situation and your plans for the future. We can do this via face-to-face or virtually (Zoom).

We are used to working with people from all over the world, and virtual appointments are an efficient way to progress your migration plans – from the comfort of your own home, at a time convenient for you.

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Kristie Morgan

(MARN 1068715)

During your consultation we will get to know you better, and explain your options in detail. Let’s face it, it’s always good to see who you’re working with, and to get a feel for your agent’s knowledge and expertise prior to commencing such an important part of your life.

We will spend an hour with you, discussing your options in detail. Following this, your will be sent a summary of key points via email, with details of the next steps.

Please refer to the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority Consumer Guide here.