Finding Employer Sponsorship in Australia during Covid19

Finding employer Sponsorship in Australia is high on the list for many aspiring migrants, particularly if they don’t meet the requirements for a General Skilled Migration visa or haven’t had any luck securing an invitation through SkillSelect.

Finding employer sponsorship can be tough, and let’s not forget, we are in the middle of the Covid19 pandemic. Uncertainty can cause us to lose confidence and be less willing to take vital steps to move forward with important plans.

Despite these challenges, there are many people proactively continuing with their migration plans. For those already in Australia looking for new opportunities, this may be easier. However, what we are noticing is that employers are happier to engage online, and zoom is becoming the new normal! So hopefully this will also benefit candidates who are currently offshore.

There are a few things you can do to maximise your chances of securing an offer of employer sponsorship during the Covid19 period:

Professionally formatted CV (for the Australian market): As Registered Migration Agents, we see a lot of CVs. Some great ones, and some which are… well… quite frankly, not so great. Many applicants prepare fancy CVs with inspirational quotes, and extravagant fonts and pictures. This isn’t necessary, and in fact it can hinder your application.

Recruiters are looking to sort through applicants quickly and efficiently. By using a plain, simple format, you can convey your message concisely, and without unwanted fluff which will put the recruiter off.

Don’t underestimate the value of a professional CV. Cutting costs here is not wise. This document may be the single most important part of your migration plan – getting you the job offer. So it is important to invest in an appropriately formatted CV, which will put your best foot forward. If you need help with this, ask us – we can help.

Using Keywords: Increasingly, recruitment is being done via digital platforms. Your CV should include relevant keywords so that the recruiter’s screening algorithms will identify you for appropriate jobs. Using relevant key words from the job description will also help. Read the position description carefully and identify those words which you feel are critical to the role. Use them in your application to increase the chances of being identified as a potential candidate.

Prove your skills: Don’t just say you can do a task; prove to the employer you have the required skills. While most businesses are happy to provide some training, they are likely to be looking for a base level of skills. Include quantifiable results in your CV. Explain how you have achieved relevant outcomes in your previous roles. Prove you have the skills, do not just tell them.

Skills Assessment: Don’t underestimate the value in having your skills assessed early in your migration plans. A skills assessment helps to demonstrate you have reached the required level of qualification and experience in occupation to work in Australia. While not always necessary, this does give employers some peace of mind that your credentials have been assessed and are comparable with the Australian standard. Regional Migration Australia works with candidates from many different professions – get in touch with us to find out more about skills assessments.

Sell yourself: In addition to technical skills, employers are increasingly looking for soft skills in their employees. Australian employers are looking, people-oriented employees. We deal with a lot of businesses – and we regularly hear the same thing. “I want a good people-person. We need a good communicator, who is empathetic and team-oriented. We can teach technical skills. People skills are what we are recruiting for.”

There are some great books around on soft skills. One we highly recommend is ‘Soft is the new Hard’ by Leah Mether (another fabulous Gippslander, passionate about communicating effectively). You can purchase a copy of Leah’s book here.

Ensure sure your CV and covering letter points out situations where you have had to use strong interpersonal skills, and to work as part of a team.
Professional Summary: Rather than outline what you are looking for from your next job, outline your core skillset which will enable you to nail this job.

Clearly tell them what you can bring to their team, and how you will deliver on the key tasks and responsibilities and contribute to the broader organisational objectives. On that note, do your homework… what do you know about their organisational values and objectives? Show how you are aligned with their values

Long term investment: It’s great to show an employer what you can do right now, but they are also very interested in your potential for growth into the future. Demonstrate how your skills have growth throughout your career. More than likely, each job will be a progression from the last, which demonstrates growth. Make sure you show them your commitment to continuous learning! Lifelong learners are great at adapting, and businesses will value this attribute, particularly during challenging times such as that which we are experiencing now.

Get help:  Finding an employer to sponsor you can be a daunting task.  It is likely this may take some time, and it will be important to stay motivated and remain focussed on your goals.

If you need some help with this, reach out to us.  We can help with professionally formatting your CV and covering letter and providing you with support services (such as helping to answer queries from potential employers around employer sponsorship).  Don’t forget, many Australian businesses may not have sponsored in the past, so they need good advice on how to sponsor you. As your agent, we have that covered too.


  1. Seth Mensah Dapaah on September 7, 2020 at 12:04 am

    I am a young Ghanaian who wish to relocate to Australia with my family, thus a construction manager in Ghana.

    • on September 7, 2020 at 1:57 am

      Hello Seth! Thanks so much for reaching out to us. We would be delighted to help your family with your migration plans. The good news is that your occupation is on the new Priority Migration Skilled Occupation List. We would be happy to chat with you regarding next steps to get your migration underway. Please go to the contact us page and complete an enquiry. You will be able to attach your CV and provide details of your English scores (if you have already sat the test).
      Looking forward to hearing from you soon!
      Regards, Kristie Morgan (MARN 1068715).

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