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Establish your business as a Standard Business Sponsor and see how easy it is to secure skilled staff into your business. 

For employers, we welcome you to contact us to advertise positions vacant (note: this does not meet strict requirements of labour market testing, but may help with finding a qualified and skilled migrant who has had preliminary screening to meet the various visa requirements).

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Standard Business Sponsorship

Many Australian employers struggle to secure skilled staff into their business.  This can be particularly hard if your business is located in regional Australia.  The cost of recruitment can be significant, so many employers are looking for an affordable solution to secure staff.  

Employer Sponsorship can alleviate these recruitment headaches, enabling business owners to get back to focusing on running their business!

Becoming a Standard Business Sponsor can help your business to secure valuable staff for up to four years. 

Regional Migration Australia can assist your business to:

  • Establish a Standard Business Sponsorship Agreement
  • Assist to find suitable candidates
  • Conduct your Labour Market Testing
  • Nominate employees for sponsorship
  • Apply for your employee's visa
  • Help you to manage your sponsorship obligations
  • Assist with Regional Certification Body submissions
  • Assist with VEVO checks (check applicant work rights)
  • Provide support to sponsor's HR department as required, including training on managing your sponsored employees’ nomination applications

Managing Sponsorship Obligations

As a Standard Business Sponsor, you will have important obligations that you need to meet each year to ensure you are compliant.  

Regional Migration Australia can work with your business to ensure you continue to meet these obligations.  Knowing your business is being monitored by a professional migration agent provides businesses with peace of mind.

Have a vacancy within your business?

As an employer client, you will have direct access to migration advice at all times.

We can work with you to help you find a suitable candidate for your vacancy.

You can list your vacancy (free of charge) on our website and receive free exposure via our social media pages.

We will screen suitable applicants for visa eligibility prior to forwarding for your consideration.

Recruiting staff no longer has to be an expensive and timely process – there is a way to recruit skilled and experienced staff who want to work in your business.

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