Institute of Managers and Leaders replaces AIM for senior management occupations

The Institute of Managers and Leaders (IML) has recently replaced the Australian Institute of Managers (AIM) as the new skills assessing authority for the following senior management occupations:

  • Chief Executive or Managing Director [111111]
  • Corporate General Manager [111211]
  • Sales and Marketing Manager [131112]
  • Advertising Manager [131112]
  • Public Relations Manager [131114]
  • Human Resource Manager [132311]
  • Engineering Manager [133211]
  • Supply and Distribution Manager [133611]
  • Procurement Manager [133612]

Assessment criteria have been updated, and will take effect from 23rd March 2021.

You can review information on the revised criteria on the IML website.

From 8 March 2021 until 22 March 2021, applicants who meet either the previous or the revised assessment criteria will receive a positive outcome.

Changes include:

  • Three forms of ID are required.
  • Award Certificate and full transcripts with details for courses and years studied are required under the qualification criteria.
  • All documents that are not in English must be translated by NAATI translator.
  • The qualification verification section has been revised.

The Supporting Documentation Guide provides further information.

Source: Migration Institute of Australia

If you have an occupation requiring a skills assessment through IML, please contact us for help here.

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