Is now the time to start your migration to Australia?

For most of us, 2020 started just like any other year.  Celebrations took place, and resolutions were made.  As is the case every year, for hundreds of thousands of people, it signalled the start of their plan to migrate to Australia.

Then, out of nowhere, COVID19 hit the world. 

The COVID19 pandemic, with its sudden and intrusive arrival, has also left many people wondering when is the right time to start their migration plans.  Uncertainty around when Australia will open its borders, has certainly thrown many plans into migration limbo.

Economists anticipate that the Australian government’s massive economic stimulus and the country’s capability to restrict coronavirus spread will help Australia to recover earlier than other nations.

New figures reveal early signs of economic confidence beginning to grow in Australia with lending to small, medium and family businesses increasing by more than $2.2 billion last month.[1]

We are starting to see increases in job advertisements across Australia (Queensland and Tasmania are leading this). Although still in the early stages of recovery, it does reflect increasing business confidence.

Regarding Australia’s General Skilled Migration program, there has been a lot of doom and gloom circulating during the pandemic.  Interestingly, the Department of Home Affairs has just announced the occupation ceiling for the 2020-2021 program year, and there has not been a significant drop that many were anticipating.  In fact, there has been a substantial increase in some occupations such as Construction Managers (43%), Engineering Managers (47%), Industrial, Mechanical and Production (67%), Early Childhood workers (44%), Special School Teachers (54%) and University Lecturers (47%).

Occupations which have seen a drop include Sports Coaches, Instructors and Officers (69%), Architects (34%) and Plasterers (31%).

These changes are reflective of the Governments position around economic recovery post COVID19.  Applicants with critical skills will be prioritised.

So, are you wondering how this impacts you, and how you will be able to get your migration plans back on track?

As Dory says in ‘Finding Nemo‘, “Just keep swimming…”

Migrating to Australia involves lots of little steps.  We are working with people from a broad range of occupations who are taking critical steps to be ready for when the General Skilled Migration program opens up again (while we don’t know exactly when this will be, we do know it will be some time after the release of the Federal Budget in October this year).

There’s plenty to do, including critical tasks such as getting your skills assessment underway.  You can’t migrate via General Skilled Migration without a Skills Assessment – and it is something we can help you with right now, to keep your plans moving forward.

We can help you monitor State Nomination opportunities as they become available.  There have been a small number of opportunities released already.  Proactive migrants who are well prepared will snap these up, and be the first to move to Australia when the borders open up.

Despite feeling like a challenging time, now is the time to be doing the legwork of planning your migration and getting your documentation ready.

For a free preliminary assessment of your visa options, go to our website and complete the online enquiry form.  We can provide you with some feedback, and help you secure your new life in Australia as soon as possible.

[1] Australian Banking Association.

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