Do you need skilled workers for your business?

Finding skilled workers for your business can be an ongoing challenge, particularly if you need occupations which are in high demand.

Regional Migration Australia works with employers across Australia to help fill skills shortages, with qualified and experienced international employees. Often, these workers have been educated and are already in Australia – which can significantly speed up the process of sponsoring a worker (we know – you need them quickly!).

There are a range of visa options available to Australian employers, including temporary and permanent visa options. Depending on where your business is located, you may even benefit from the new Subclass 494 visa which has added benefits of selecting from a larger range of occupations (and the ability to sponsor for up to five years on the temporary visa!).

Sounds pretty good right? Well… that’s because it is! Struggling to find skilled employees can be very stressful, and even a small loss of productivity can substantially impact on your business’ bottom line. While sponsoring employees doesn’t always come cheaply, it can significantly reduce your staffing issues, and help to secure a reliable and steady workforce – the value of which is immeasurable.

How can Regional Migration Australia help your business?

Firstly, we will help you to establish your business as a Standard Business Sponsor. This sets up an agreement with the Department of Home Affairs, to enable you to move forward with nominating employees into your business.

Once this is done, we can work with your business to identify the specific occupations of your vacancies. We assist you with undertaking Labour Market Testing (to demonstrate that you have difficulty securing an Australian worker into your business).

As an Australian employer, you can also list your vacancies on the Regional Migration Australia jobs board any time, at no cost. This jobs board is shared with our networks and can help to attract suitably qualified and experienced international candidates to your role.

If you need help with selecting an international candidate, we have access to qualified and experienced HR professionals to assist with employment contracts, position descriptions and Market Salary Research.

Once your Labour Market Testing has been completed, we can prepare and lodge your business’ Nomination application. This stage involves the business nominating the successful employee to fill the role.

Lastly, the applicant makes their visa application (which we prepare and submit on their behalf). We will work with applicants to ensure their submissions are complete and that they meet all of the requirements for their visa, including any skills assessments which may be required to make the visa application.

Right now, the COVID19 pandemic has changed the priority of processing for different types of visas. Employer Sponsorship remains a high priority, particularly if the role is linked to any occupations associated with COVID19 and economic recovery. Regional employers are also receiving high priority (which we are just a little bit excited about, given our regionally based consultancy).

Contact us for more information on employer sponsorship (and don’t forget about our free jobs board – its free for Australian employers!).

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