Need Subclass 190 State Nomination from New South Wales?

Australia is opening its borders to international travel, so there has never been a better time to start your Australian migration plans. Skills shortages continue to be a significant challenge for Australian businesses. Each of the State and Territory Governments are competing for qualified and experienced migrants to drive economic recovery.

So you want to migrate to New South Wales (NSW) in 2022?

It’s a great plan, but you need to be well prepared! The demand for NSW state nomination is very high (the most competitive in the country). You must fully understand the process and what documents you will require. Can we help you through this maze of requirements? Absolutely, we can!

NSW uses a selection-based invitation process to select intended migrants who have skillsets that are highly aligned to the needs of the state’s economy. You can not directly apply for NSW state nomination – you need to be selected and invited. Invitation rounds occur on an ongoing basis throughout the year, however it is really frustrating as there are no set dates, and no announcements beforehand!

Minimum Eligibility:

To be considered for NSW state nomination you must:

  • be eligible for a subclass 190 visa
  • have submitted an EOI in SkillSelect
  • have a valid skills assessment for an occupation on a NSW skilled occupation lists 

If you are residing in Australia, you must:

  • be currently residing in NSW and either:
    • have genuinely and continuously resided in NSW for the past three months, or
    • be gainfully employed in a long-term capacity in NSW in your nominated (or closely related) occupation for a minimum 20 hours per week 

If you are residing outside Australia, you must:

  • have continuously resided offshore for the past three months, and
  • have a valid skills assessment for an occupation which is available to offshore candidates on the  NSW skilled occupation lists page.

Work experience requirement

NSW has recently updated the work experience requirements – you must now have a minimum three years work experience in your nominated (or closely related) occupation.

Note: your three years work experience must be deemed skilled employment. This can be confusing – we can help determine when you were deemed to be skilled for immigration purposes.  This is critical to the success of your migration plan.

It is important to note that just because you meet the minimum eligibility requirements, this does not mean you will be invited to apply for state nomination.  It is essential you are able to identify and maximise the points you are able claim on your EOI, and be able to evidence these claims appropriately. 

Regional Migration Australia can assist with your state nominated migration strategy:

  • We can fully assess your current situation and provide a preliminary assessment of your General Skilled Migration points score
  • Our qualified and experienced Registered Migration Agents can help source an appropriate state nominated opportunity (there are opportunities with different states, all over Australia)
  • We can advise on skills assessment requirements, including attending to preparation and lodgement of your skills assessment with the relevant assessing body
  • We can provide professional representation to lodge your Expression Of Interest (EOI) in Skill Select
  • We can professionally prepare and lodge your State Nomination application
  • Our team can prepare a professionally constructed Subclass 190 visa application with the Department of Home Affairs, including a submission to the Department outlining how you meet each of the criteria for a visa grant

If you are serious about securing an offer of state nomination, contact our team today to start your migration plans.  There has never been a better time to seek state nomination opportunities, as our country moves further into COVID19 recovery.  The national skills shortages are providing opportunities for highly skilled migrants to live and work in Australia.  Our team can help you secure your migration goals as quickly and efficiently as possible.

To arrange contact from our team, please complete the enquiry form here (be sure to include your CV):

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