Regional Cooks and Chefs Needed in Regional Australia

If you are an overseas Qualified Cook or Chef Australia’s border reopening could be your chance to be on your way to Permanent Residency within as little as 3 years!

Australia’s borders have been closed since 20 March 2020. While discussions continue regarding when Australia will reopen to international visitors, students and the temporary work force, regional employers are seriously struggling to fill skilled vacancies. Frankly, it was difficult enough to fill many regional positions before borders closed but now the situation is much worse.

Cooks and Chef’s in demand in the regions

This negative situation facing regional employers can provide a great opportunity for potential employees outside Australia that are ready to fill these numerous vacancies. Recently, Regional Migration Australia has been contacted by many restaurants looking for cooks and chefs specifically. It is a good time to seek employer nomination in Australia.

Getting to Australia quickly as a Chef

Looking specifically at the occupation of Chef, this is on what is known as the priority processing list. What this means is that visa processing for chefs will be processed quicker than many other occupations. If an applicant has double vaccination status, they will forego the need to enter hotel quarantine; minimising costs to businesses looking to sponsor chefs from outside Australia. What is evidenced is that chefs could enter Australia soon after borders open and go straight into paid employment. The situation for cooks would be largely similar.

What will you be earning as a Cook/Chef in Australia? It is expected as a starting salary, and to meet employer sponsor salary requirements, a Cook/Chef will be between $55,000-$65,000 per year.

Being ready for Australia to open the international border

Recent changes to Australia’s international borders indicate that complete opening will be here sooner than we think. Australian citizens and permanent residents are now able to travel internationally and there are plans in place for a number of states to start welcoming back international students. We are recommending those qualified in eligible occupations to be ready prior to the eventual announcement that the borders are open.

What are the steps to be ready for borders to open?

The first step for potential employees is to find out whether you need a positive skills assessment as a Cook/Chef.  Candidates from some countries will require this (we can let you know if you are from one of these countries).  The Skills assessment can be gained within 10 days via priority processing through VETASSESS. Once a positive skills assessment is gained the visa application process can begin. Finding an employer to sponsor will go hand in hand with this process and Regional Migration Australia offer a number of services to help you while you are looking for a sponsor.

What long-term visa options will I have for Australia?

Due to current priorities and shortages in regional Australia we are encouraging potential applicants to look at the Subclass 494 visa. This is a Temporary Regional Employer Sponsored visa that after 3 years has a confirmed pathway to Permanent Residency. While other temporary work visas can also lead to Permanent Residency what is great about the subclass 494 is that there is no requirement for continued employer sponsorship. This means that once the 3 years of working with the regional employer is complete the applicant themselves applied for the Permanent Residency (assuming they have remained sponsored and in regional Australia for the 3 year period). This pathway from a subclass 494 to a subclass 191 (Permanent Residence Visa) is relatively new and due to Australia’s borders being closed for so long has not been fully utilized. Now is a great time to seize this opportunity.

What are the requirements for a Subclass 494 visa?

A positive skills assessment paired with 3 years of full time work experience are the essential eligibility requirements for a subclass 494 visa. The subclass 494 visa is an Employer Sponsored visa available to employees of regional businesses.

How do I start?

If you believe you are eligible to join Australia’s regional workforce in the hospitality industry, Regional Migration Australia can provide you with a number of professional support services. We start with a consultation to confirm your eligibility and discuss the best migration strategy for your specific situation. We can assist with your Skills Assessment application right through to your visa application. We also provide services to increase your chances of being noticed by an employer and can put you in direct contact with employers looking for your skills. As we have had direct contact with employers seeking Cooks and Chef’s we can facilitate these introductions. In addition, we offer a support package that enables you to become ‘Employer Sponsorship Ready’.

Please contact us today for further details.  We will shortly be launching a group program, for potential Cooks and Chefs who want to work through the stages of their migration with varying levels of assistance.  This will reduce the cost to you and increase the amount of support for those of you seeking to find employer sponsored options in Australia.

Contact us via our webpage and one of our Registered Migration Agent’s will contact you shortly to discuss the next steps. If you are interested in our group program please complete an enquiry on our website, and one of our experienced Registered Migration Agents will be in touch with you soon.

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