Is now the right time to start your migration plans?

With the current focus on Coronavirus impacts, many clients are questioning whether they can still continue with their General Skilled Migration plans. In short, the answer is yes. Let’s face it, this isn’t going to last forever, so we are continuing to work with clients to utilise this downtime; to get the hard work done. Once the travel restrictions ease, these clients will be well on their way to a new life in Australia.

Despite the pandemic, there are still many occupations in high demand, and if you are prepared to work regionally, this will strengthen your chances of success. Regional Australia offer an abundance of opportunities for those prepared to stick their toe across the peri-urban fringe. We know because we are proudly a regionally based migration consultancy.

So, what are your options during this period of what feels like ‘migration limbo’? Well… really, they are the same. What we are seeing is that clients with a growth mindset are pushing ahead through this period; they will be the first to secure their visas on the side of this pandemic. Makes sense, right? Whilst it’s not rocket science, as we are witnessing, taking decisive action isn’t always comfortable.

When it comes to your migration strategy, this is something we can help with now. If you are based outside Australia, General Skilled Migration is a great option, as it doesn’t rely on securing an offer of employer sponsorship, which can really simplify your plans.

Applications for General Skilled Migration are made via SkillSelect. This platform identifies intended migrants who wish to move to Australia, based on their skills and experience. To be able to apply for a General Skilled Migration visa, you need to receive an invitation to apply.

There are several steps involved to implement a General Skilled Migration strategy and can involve quite a few months to navigate. The total timeframe varies depending on your nominated occupation, your points score, individual requirements for each state/territory, receiving an invitation to apply, and of course the visa processing. See why we suggest using the current downtime in your favour?

Step 1: Assess your Skilled Visa options
You will either apply as:
• an Independent (Subclass 189); or
• with a State Government as your Sponsor (Subclass 190); or
• State or Family nominated (Subclass 491)

Step 2: Obtain a positive Skills Assessment in your nominated occupation
Each nominated occupation has an independent relevant Skills Assessing Authority authorised to assess your skills for skilled visa.
It is important to submit a strong application for your skills assessment. Without this document, you can’t migrate to Australia via General Skilled Migration. We can assist with preparing and lodging this on your behalf (which we know can take away a lot of stress!).

To apply for a skilled visa you must have a Skills Assessment in one of the occupations on the applicable Skilled Occupation List (you can send your details to us and we can help with an appropriate list).

Step 3: Complete an English Language test
There are several different English tests you can take to meet the requirements for General Skilled Migration. We can provide you with advice around the required scores for your occupation and your visa.

Step 4: Lodge an Expression of Interest (EOI) Once you have obtained a positive skills assessment outcome letter and a suitable English language test result, we can help you to lodge your Expression of Interest in SkillSelect.

All information used in your EOI must be accurate, as it will be auto-generated to form the basis of your invitation to apply for your visa.
Handy tip: If you decide to change the information you submitted at the visa application stage, you may not meet criteria 4020 (provision of incorrect or misleading information), which can easily result in a visa refusal, or worse (3-year ban). These are the kinds of things your migration agent knows to look out for (a timely reminder that professional fees are worth the investment; your life in Australia is depending on this going smoothly).

Step 5: Apply for State Sponsorship to your chosen State or Territory (if applicable)
Each State and Territory has its own Skilled Migration Programme outlining occupations in demand and unique criteria for their region. The requirements vary between programs, and often between visa subclasses as well. We can help identify the most appropriate options for your migration strategy.

Step 6: Receive invitation and apply for your General Skilled Migration
Finally, the news you have been waiting for. When you receive an offer to apply for your visa. As part of our professional services, we can respond to your invitation and prepare your visa application on your behalf. We will attend to a professional submission outlining how you meet each of the criteria for the visa grant (not all agents do this – so you need to ask lots of questions!).

Step 7: Receive a phone call from your very excited Registered Migration Agent
We are proud to say, this our favourite part! Client reactions are mixed; many people laugh, squeal with excitement, or even shed a tear, which is so lovely to share after all the hard work together.

Are you ready?

You can do this!

Get the right advice | Set your strategy | Make it Happen

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